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Get a grip - Rubber Tip Ferrules & Accessories for Walking Sticks

Although many of us focus on the type of walking stick we want, its colour, shape and the form of the handle, another factor that is generally overlooked is the type of rubber tip, or ferrule, that the stick has. When you think about it, in many ways this is the most important part of the stick. It is the part that does most of the work, the part that is in contact with the ground, the part that gives you grip and the part that can wear down readily with use.

At the Stick & Cane Shop we have a selection of rubber ferrules of different thicknesses and for a range of diameters of cane. Although most of our canes (excepting the metal-tipped ones) come with rubber ferrules attached, it definitely pays to purchase some spares as these can wear down with time, reducing the grip that the walking stick has with the ground. So when purchasing your stick from us, be sure to note down the suggested ferrule type (found in the Description section of each stick) and drop a spare one or two into your shopping basket before purchase.

See our full range of FlexyFoot ferrules at the Stick & Cane Shop here

With the wintry weather on its way (yes, I know, we do wonder what happened to summer this year!) the paths can be treacherous when the temperature drops. Snow and ice can cause great difficulties for walking stick users, and many of us do not feel confident walking with our sticks in such conditions. Well we do have some accessories that can help with this. We have our ice cane attachment which attaches to the end of your cane, allowing you better stability thanks to its metal teeth - simply flip the metal grip section down when you want to use it and you will notice that this provides excellent grip in icy conditions.  For those of you who have also purchased our new Flexyfoot ferrule (ideal for uneven terrain) we also have the IceFoot attachment. You can simply detach the end of your usual Flexyfoot ferrule and attach the Flexyfoot IceFoot during winter, and its special metal teeth, and wider surface area provide you with optimal grip in icy conditions, as well as providing the flexibility of the standard Flexyfoot for traversing uneven ground.

The Ice Cane Attachment at the Stick & Cane Shop

With these accessories and more, you can enhance your humble walking cane in a variety of ways and get ready for winter. Even the purchase of a standard rubber ferrule to replace an old worn one will noticeably improve the grip of your cane this season. So why not get ready for the season ahead and check out our full range of Walking Stick Accessories and order from us today!

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