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Flexyfoot Standard Ferrule FF22

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Discontinued Product
  1. #Description#

    Flexible Feet for Walking Sticks - 22mm diameter

    This is the standard Flexyfoot ferrule that is suitable for the majority of crutches, canes and small walking sticks, and the majority of users. If you are new to Flexyfoot then this is the best ferrule to buy.

    Shock-absorbing, anti-slip Flexyfoot is designed to replace the old fashioned ferrule and revolutionise walking aids.

    Flexyfoot gives improved grip on all types of terrain and eases the aches and pains associated with constant stress and impact on joints. They are suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

    Flexyfoot is made up of two separate parts to allow you to renew the ‘foot’section when worn or damaged without replacing the whole Flexyfoot.The uniquely designed bellows help create shock absorption, which in turn can help relieve pain and discomfort. And because the bellows make the ferrule flexible, it will stay in contact with the ground even over rough terrain. This can help make you feel more comfortable and secure..

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  2. #More Info#
    The dimensions of the Flexyfoot FF22 internal diameter is 22mm.

    Circumference to Diameter Conversion.

    ~50mm = 2.0 inches => order FF16.

    ~60mm = 2.5 inches => order FF19.

    ~70mm = 2.75 inches => order FF22.

    ~80mm = 3.1 inches => order FF25
  3. #What size is right for me?#
    Flexyfoot comes in a range of sizes so use our guide to ensure you order the right version for your walking aid. You need the right size of connecting collar and this is determined by the width (diameter) of your walking stick, cane, crutches or walker. Please watch the sizing video on YouTube.

    Existing Flexyfoot customers only need to order the replacement foot (as you will already have the reusable connecting collar).

    The Flexyfoot Standard Ferrule - 15mm is eligible for VAT relief.
Standard delivery 2 to 5 working days from despatch Next day delivery possible if ordered before 12 noon Saturday or Sunday delivery available International delivery available
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
I exchanged for the FF19 as the FF22 was too big, the FF19 is excellent. It gives just enough flexibility to make using the walking stick much more natural and comfortable.
Alfred Harry S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Only rated low as not suitable for me. It made my stick too long for me. May be worth mentioning on website though this is not a criticism. Very happy to refund my money though. Sadly I didn't get chance to try it out.
Sue S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product can not be faulted 100% sure footed.
John e.
Shopping Satisfaction
The service was good but unfortunately the flexyfoot ferrule is too large for my cane despite being described as 'standard' Do you have a smaller size that I can exchange this one for?
Roger D.