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Fancy Topped Dress Canes

Our Toff Handled Dress Canes feature classic, elegant designs with opulent knob handles that fit the hand beautifully.

Toff Handled Canes are in a class of their own…

Whether you are looking for a classic cane with silver plated handles, pearlised knob handles, reproduction ivory toff handles, or delicately encrusted Swarovski crystal handles, you have come to the right place. Our resplendent selection of Toff Handled Dress Canes is second to none. These stunning canes will add elegance, prestige and glamour to any of life's special occasions and events.

✔ Quality classic-styled Toff Handled Canes

Please note that dress canes are suitable for light balance and support only; they are not suitable for regular heavy orthopedic use.

If you like this style of cane, have you also considered one of our Swarovski Crystal Dress Canes. Another alternative that may be of interest is our range of Silver Plated Dress Canes. You can also browse our full range of Dress Canes.