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Engraved Walking Sticks at the Stick and Cane Shop

If you are looking to treat yourself to a walking stick this season, but want something that is both functional and elegant, then this week's blog is ideal for your needs! Our range of engraved walking sticks are superb for those of you who need a walking stick that functions as a sturdy and stable mobility aid on a day-to-day basis but also looks beautiful enough to use on nights out or special occasions.

The range we have selected today suits all budgets. First we have our ever-popular fashionable Switch Sticks, which feature metallic shafts of different colours, with engraved curves, giving the shaft a delightful scale-like appearance. These truly look wonderful when they catch the light, giving the sticks and extra pizazz and glittery look. They make an ideal gift idea for friends, family and loved ones, who require a cane that is extra-special and fashionable for daily use.

The Engraved Folding Switch Sticks available at the Stick & Cane Shop

In addition to these gorgeous Switch Sticks we have our Engraved Adjustable Derby Sticks in Silver and Black. These delightful walking sticks are not foldable like the Switch Sticks above, but they are telescopic, allowing them to extend in length to suit the user's gait, and feature a very comfortable derby handle that fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its gentle and elegant curved profile. Currently available in two colours, the shaft is engraved with small regularly spaced ovals, giving this cane a metallic glint in the light. These look beautiful whatever the occasion!

The Engraved Extending Walking Canes in Silver & Black currently available at the Stick & Cane Shop

So if you are looking for a special cane for day-to-day use, or for special occasions, these delightful walking stick will add that special sparkle! If you like the selection we have selected this week, why not check out our full range of Switch Sticks, or our wide range of extendible telescopic canes!

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