Engraved Sparkle Dress Canes

We are certain you will love these Engraved Walking Sticks. These have been made using metallic paints that, when the metal is engraved, reveals the shiny metal underneath, which catches the light beautifully, adding sparkle and adds a touch of elegance to your walking stick.

Add extra panache with one of our Engraved Walking Sticks

Depending on the make of the stick, you can choose from engraved dots in, or an engraved scalloped pattern. The intricate engravings are beautiful, but the engraved detail does not detract from the greater design of the stick.

✔ Engraved Walking Sticks - engraved patterns that sparkle in the light

These Engraved Walking Sticks also make great all-round sticks in terms of use: They can be used as an every-day stick or for formal and special occasions.

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