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Engraved Adjustable Derby Walking Stick - Black

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  1. #Description#

    Black Adjustable Engraved Derby Walking Stick

    This is a beautiful adjustable Derby Walking Stick in Black colour with an engraved pattern along the upper section of the shaft. This fashionable walking stick features a lovely metallic Black coloured shaft with a regular pattern of polkadots that have been engraved into the shaft. Features a matching derby handle, wrist strap, and it comes fitted with an RF80 rubber ferrule. Derby Walking sticks are named after Lord Derby, who popularised this handle type. It is one of the most popular handles with our customers, owing to its comfortable gently curving shape, and slight crook, which allows it to be rested over the arm when not in use.

    A stylish adjustable derby walking stick in black, featuring an engraved polkadot design to the shaft

    ✓ Engraved polkadot design along the upper section of the shaft
    ✓ Adjustable Length Walking Stick
    ✓ Beautiful metallic black colour

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  2. #More Info# The dimensions of the stick are:
    • Length is adjustable from 63cm to 95cm (25" to 37") in 2.5cm (1") increments.
    • Weight is 278g (9.8 oz)
    • The stick diameter (top section) is 20mm (3/4")
    • The Stick diameter (bottom section) is 15mm (~5/8") at the ferrule end
    • It is fitted with an RF80 type rubber ferrule size 15mm internal diameter
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Lovely walking stick, 5* seller.
Lisa H.
Shopping Satisfaction
This cane is great. I have also got it in silver, pink and blue. Pity it doesn’t come in bright red especially for Christmas.
Ann B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent design, easy to carry & to assist in walking.
Peter W.
Shopping Satisfaction
I ordered two sticks and they arrived the next morning.

I would not call the pattern poka dot. I would describe it as silver ovals going around the black stick on a diagonal.

I have kept the sticks as I think they look very elegant and are just right for the wedding I am going to.

Adjusting to the right height was easy. They are lightweight but feel secure to walk with.

One thing you should note is that they are not engraved to the bottom of the stick.
Dorothy F.
Shopping Satisfaction
An ok stick, bit expensive and the pattern
is only on the top part of the stock. I had not realised this. However it will suffice. Did not realised until the end of the transaction that the postage was so expensive. It was quick delivery..
Anthony G.
Shopping Satisfaction
Needed it for a sombre occasion.
Anne C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Beautiful walking stick.
Helen M.
Shopping Satisfaction
This is more useful and lighter weight than the other.
Lynne S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very pleased with the stick. Easy to adjust, yet sturdy. Many people have commented positively on its design and smart, contemporary look.
Linda C.