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Designer Fashion Canes - Switch Sticks & Sabi Canes

We thought we would inject a bit of trendiness in our blog this week and look at two designer canes that are available at the Stick and Cane Shop that make the walking stick a fashion statement as well as a functional mobility device.

Switch Sticks at the Stick & Cane Shop

The first brand that is consistently popular with our customers, particularly those that want a cane that reflects their personalities, is the Switch Sticks range of walking sticks. Available in folding varieties, as well as ranges of seat sticks and crutches, the fashionable switch stick features bold and vivid colours and patterns that make your walking stick an extension of your personality.

We have recently replenished our stocks of many of our folding switch sticks, as many of these had sold out due to popular demand. In a range of colours, with a variety of abstract designs, these walkng sticks have a very comfortable crutch handle providing a balance between functionality and fashion! So, if you'd like to see our full range of Switch Sticks, why not visit our dedicated page today as we are sure that many of our designs will sell out soon!

Further information about our Folding Switch Sticks:

~ Length is adjustable from 81cm to 94cm (32" to 37") in 2.5cm increments.
~ Weight is 400g
~ The stick diameter is 19mm.
~ It is fitted with a RFD19 rubber ferrule size 19mm internal diameter.

Sabi Roam Classic Sticks

Our other designer fashion cane that we are featuring in our blog this week is the Sabi Roam Classic Walking Stick. We started stocking these less than a year ago and they have been very much sought after by our customers. Many people love the combination of tradition and contemporary style that these canes represent.

Sabi has taken the humble crook walking stick and made it into a fashionable statement piece. The crook handle is made from the same Baltic birch wood used in skateboards, an so is very hard-wearing. It also features a rubberised grip, providing optimal comfort and security when held in the hand. The shaft itself is a single-piece metal which is available in four different colours - Raven Black, Ultra Violet, Reef Blue and Pinot Red. So no matter what your taste, we are sure there is a Sabi Roam Classic to suit your needs!

Further information about the Sabi Roam Classic:

~ Length is 94cm
~ Weight is 340g
~ Comes fitted with its own Sabi Roam Replacement Tip (23mm Ferrule) which we also stock
~ Cane available Long (Other sizes Medium and Short are available on request)
~ Cane supports up to 113kg/250lbs of weight
~ Ergonomic wide grip handle reduces stress on hand muscles and joints
~ Secure grip from rubber strip making it easy to prop against a wall
~ Single-piece metal shaft offers proven superior stability
~ Natural variations in the wood grain make each handle unique
~ Birchwood Handle beautifies and matures with age
~ Non-slip Sabi rubber ferrule tip pivots easily and is shock absorbent
~ Tested by SGS labs

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