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Derby Handled Canes in Autumnal Colours

Well, with the clocks going back from Saturday into Sunday and the nights rapidly drawing in, we can safely say we are well into Autumn now. The leaves on the trees are a glorious range of oranges and browns just now and there is a crisp freshness in the air that makes walks with the dog all the more pleasant. We do love this time of year as you don't have the oppressive heat of summer, nor do we have the chilly frosty days of winter, so I do find it makes for comfortable walking weather.

If you are looking to get out and about this Autumn, but want to do it in style, why not choose a seasonally-themed walking stick to accompany you? Even if it's for getting about the house, these sticks will look great for all occasions. This week we have chosen the popular Derby handle, but have selected sticks from both our folding ranges and our adjustable ranges to give a bit more variety. However, we have restricted the theme to the more autumnal colours of reds, oranges and browns.

So if you are finding your stick a bit too summery, why not stow it away for the season and choose one of our lovely choices below in our blog today? We like to change our wardrobes from season to season, so there's no reason why we can't do the same with our walking sticks.

If you like the selection we have for you this week, why not also check out our full range of Derby Folding Canes, and Derby Adjustable Canes available at the Stick and Cane Shop too. You are sure to find the ideal walking stick to suit your needs this Autumn with the Stick and Cane Shop.

Adjustable Walking Stick with Patterned Derby Handle - Birlwood

This beautiful Birlwood Adjustable Walking Stick with patterned Derby Handle would make an ideal purchase this Autumn. It features an attractive birlwood pattern with matching derby handle and brass collar. Brown wrist cord included (not in picture). They are very easily adjusted for the correct wrist to ground measurement. They are then securely held with a locking nut. Birlwood design.

The dimensions of the adjustable walking stick are:
  • Length is adjustable from 72cm to 94c, in 2.5 cm increments
  • Weight is 298g
  • The stick diameter is 20mm at the top section and 17mm at the bottom section
  • It is fitted with a RF99 rubber ferrule size with a 16mm internal diameter

Burr Effect Folding Cane - extra long 89 to 100cm

Ideal for those who need an extra-long cane, the Burr Effect Folding Cane (extra long 89 to 100cm) features gorgeous autumnal browns. This is an adjustable Folding Cane with Dark Burr effect wooden handle with gilt trim. Lightweight and easy to use Can be snapped open in seconds into a strong support stick. It folds up easily and can be stored in the plastic wallet provided when not in use.

The dimensions of the folding walking stick are:
  • Length is adjustable from 89cm to 100cm in 2.5cm increments
  • Length when folded is 31cm
  • Weight is 370g
  • The stick diameter is 19mm
  • It is fitted with a RF92 or F19 rubber ferrule size 19mm internal diameter

Adjustable Derby Stick with Bronzed Shaft

Beautiful and autumnal, this Adjustable Derby Stick with Bronzed Shaft is an attractive adjustable walking stick from M&P with a comfortable, luxurious hardwood derby handle and an elegant bronzed metal shaft.

The dimensions of the folding walking stick are:
  • Length is adjustable from 75 cm to 90 cm in 5cm increments
  • Will also adjust down to a smaller carrying length of 53cm
  • Weight is 258g
  • The lower section stick diameter is 16mm
  • It is fitted with a D16 rubber ferrule size 16mm internal diameter
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