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Customer Favourite Walking Sticks Now Back in Stock

Over the past couple of weeks, things have been very busy at the Stick and Cane Shop as we took delivery of and replenished many of our customers' favourite walking sticks and canes. There are far too many to list here in our blog today, but I thought I would select a few favourites that I'm sure you'll be glad to know we have available. However, just be aware that on some we only have one or two of each, so when they're gone, they're gone!

First we have the gorgeous Acrylic Marble Handled Extending Derby Canes. These very attractive extending canes feature a handle with a marbled acrylic handle, available in a range of colours (Black, Coffee, Blonde - see below) and also features a gilt trim under the handle and an aluminium shaft with metallic finish. These canes have a beautiful feel, and a very comfortable, almost ergonomic, grip thanks to the gorgeous curve of the derby handle and smooth acrylic from which the handle is made. This is a stylish and sturdy choice that functions beautifully as a day-to-day walkings stick, while also looking great on special occasions!

If you like to sparkle, then look no further than the Swarovski Crystal canes that we have back in stock. These stylish evening canes look great on special occasions, and will have you feeling like a million dollars when out and about. One of the Swarovski crystal inlaid canes that we have available is the Black Skull Cane with Swarovski Crystal Eyes - when we first got this cane in it was snapped up in a matter of days, so if you have been waiting for its return, best get in quick before it's gone!

For those of you of a more diminutive stature, then be sure to check out the range of stylish Shorter Folding Walking Sticks that we have back in stock. These are adjustable folding sticks with wrist strap, featuring a hardwood derby handle with gilt ferrule. Available in a range of patterned shafts, these shorter sticks are lightweight and easy to use, and they can be snapped open in seconds into a strong support stick. See below for the stylish Spots Patterned Shorter Folding Walking Stick.

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