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Country Sticks for Autumn

Now that we say goodbye to summer and welcome in Autumn, the days are getting shorter and the weather more brisk. Still, this season of change is a wonderful time to be out enjoying the British countryside. With this in mind we thought we would take a browse through some of the beautiful Country Sticks available at the Stick and Cane Shop.

Whether for personal use or for a gift, there is a delightful traditional charm that comes from using these country sticks. They make a wonderful companion for those long relaxing weekend walks in the countryside. And whether your tastes lie with our Beagling Sticks, Coppice Knob Sticks, Thumbstick, Wooden Hiking Staves or Crook Sticks, the wood and craftsmanship seen in these canes is second to none.

We also have the beautiful Rams Horn and Staghorn Handled Sticks in our country sticks for those of you who like a cane made from a range of natural materials. We are also lucky to stock certain country sticks by prizewinning local craftsmen, so you can be sure that you are getting a genuinely unique stick in these ranges. Be sure to also check out our wonderful walking stick with seat collection including Leather Shooting Seat Sticks for those of you who like a bit of versatility - these provide you with a handy place to sit when you need a rest on those long walks in the country.

We have selected a few of our firm favourites to feature below in our blog this week, but with such a wide range of Country Sticks to choose from at the Stick & Cane Shop, you will definitely be spoiled for choice.

Chestnut Hiking Stave - Oak Tree

Chestnut hiking stave with a feature carving of an Oak tree, it has a leather wrist thong and spiked metal combi-ferrule. The Chestnut has been stripped and lacquered and is harvested from sustainable forests. This traditional walking stick is chest height and is very popular with walkers and hikers.

The dimensions of the hiking stave are:
  • Length is 121cm
  • Weight is 440g
  • The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is aprox 30mm and tapers down to 24mm at the ferrule end
  • It is fitted with a spiked metal combi-ferrule

Hand Carved Blond Ram's Horn Shepherd's Crook in Hazel

This delightful Shepherds Crook features a carved Rams Horn handle with a beautiful blond colour mounted on a long hazel shaft. This long stick comes to around upper-abdomen height. The shaft is made from the traditional country wood, hazel, which is prized for its interesting sheen and colour and is left with its natural bark for that authentic country look. The handle is hand carved from Rams Horn; a painstaking process which takes approximately 35 hours to complete. Handmade in Scotland by a local craftsman.

The dimensions of the walking stick are:
  • Length is 145.5cm
  • Weight is 620g
  • The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is approx 24mm and tapers down to 19mm at the ferrule end.
  • It is fitted with a type-A rubber ferrule

Tirion Ascot Telescopic Leather Seat Stick

Traditionally used as a hunting or shooting seat this Tirion Ascot Telescopic Leather Seat Stick also provides a comfortable seat when out walking. The stick seat is adjustable in height and has a genuine tan leather seat and trim to handles. Suitable for use on soft ground. It is a robust and well made seat stick and comes with a two year manufacturers guarantee. Made in Great Britain.

The dimensions of the adjustable seat stick are:
  • Length is adjustable from 74cm to 100cm
  • Height to seat when seated is adjustable from 55cm to 80cm
  • Weight is 930g
  • The stick diameter is 20mm
  • It is fitted a steel spike and folding ground plate
  • Will take a hiking pole ferrule for use on hard ground
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