Cane Holders

Our Cane Holders are ideal accessories if you need to rest your walking stick against a surface.

Cane holders are ideal when out and about shopping and you need to place your walking stick down for a minute or two. The Cane Holders attach to your walking stick just below the handle allowing you to rest it against a surface without your cane slipping and falling to the ground. A simple yet effective solution!

✓ Cane Holders - the perfect accessory for propping your stick up when you need both hands free

We also now sell a walking stick clip which is perfect for holding 4-section folding sticks together when not in use.

Why not also check out our Wrist cord collection, then when you let go of your cane and it will dangle from your wrist rather than falling to the floor. Further to our range of traditional walking sticks, we offer a beautiful range of Walking Stick Umbrellas to be discovered online!
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White Plastic Clip for Folding Sticks
Code: 4824BP
White Plastic Clip for Folding Sticks
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