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Brazos Freeform Sassafras Handcrafted Hiking Stick

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  1. #Description#

    Handcrafted Sassafras Hiking Stick made in the US

    Hikers and ramblers will love the Freeform Sassafras Handcrafted Hiking Stick for its strength, versatility, and beauty. This delightful stick is made from Sassafras, which is a distinctive hardwood with a reddish bark. Each piece of sassafras is carefully chosen, prepared, cut, sanded and finally given our distinctive twist. Each hiking stick is sprayed with a protective clear coat lacquer - the result is a smooth finish that magnifies the wood's innate beauty. The finished hiking staff is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted stick that is both sturdy and attractive.

    A beautiful rustic freeform Sassafras handmade hiking stick

    ✓ Made from Sassafras
    ✓ Handcrafted using traditional techniques
    ✓ Made in Texas, USA

    Please Note: These are natural products, so there will be natural variation from stick to stick in the shape, texture, colour and thickness of the wood between sticks. Each piece is truly unique!

    This walking stick can be easily sized to your desired height by removing the rubber ferrule and cutting the shaft.

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  2. #More Info#

    The powerful, sweeping sassafras has been a picturesque favourite all across America for centuries, being known for its towering height,deep fragrance and unmatched beauty. It has been used in everything from rootbeer and essential oils, to finely crafted woodwork.

    Brazos Walking Sticks is family operated and located in the beautiful Brazos River Valley of central Texas. They have been producing high-quality, handcrafted walking sticks and canes for the better part of two decades. Most of their products are made in workshops located within a few miles of their facilities by skilled local craftsmen who are also our neighbours, family and friends. Their exquisite line of sticks and canes consists of over 600 variations in design ranging from sophisticated elegance to classic rustic. Every item is individually crafted from the finest woods including sassafras, hickory and sweet gum, resulting in a unique one-of-a-kind treasure.

    The dimensions of the walking stick are:
    • is approximately 140cm
    • Weight is 590g
    • It is fitted with a heavy duty rubber ferrule
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  3. #Video#

    Find out more about the beautiful range of Handcrafted Brazos Hiking Sticks and Walking Sticks in the video below:

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Lovely piece of wood, really chuffed,.
Edward H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Nice quality stick just the style I was looking gor.
Adrian B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great quality stick, unique natural wood, really pleased with it.
Jenny H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Extremely nicely finished and tough hiking staff. Virtually next day delivery. Perfect.
James C.