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Walking Stick and Cane Shop
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Bamboo Inspired Walking Sticks

This collection of walking sticks are all inspired by Bamboo, some of which use actual bamboo cane, to give a light but strong walking stick.

Unique Bamboo Inspired Walking sticks

These walking sticks feature distinctive bamboo shapes, that are either carved, scorched, flamed and scored from different woods like Chestnut, Acacia and Beech to create an individual look. Choose from a variety of colours and designs. We have bamboo knob handled walking sticks, crook walking sticks and bamboo hiking staves. We are sure you will find a bamboo walking stick that will suit your needs at The Stick & Cane Shop.

✓ Lightweight and sturdy Bamboo Canes

Why not also browse the Collectors Canes category to discover our range of unique wooden walking sticks. Choose your next walking stick from a range of different wood types, such as Ash, Chestnut, and Blackthorn.