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Anatomical Walking Sticks in a variety of designs

For some of our customers the usual handles found on sticks and canes can be uncomfortable to use. Whether it is down to long term strain being imparted on the hand and wrist, or perhaps you have a pressure-sensitive condition that makes it difficult to hold onto a handle for a long time, it can be debilitating using a standard handle for long periods of time. Whatever may be your requirements, we are sure we can meet your needs at the Stick and Cane Shop.

For those of you who need a comfortable and ergonomically designed grip, we recommend that you look through our ranges of Anatomically Handled Walking Sticks. These are available in a variety of ranges according to the type of stick you need. We have:

The first of these, our Anatomically Handled Straight walking sticks are made from a solid shaft that cannot be adjusted in size once bought. For our wooden sticks, we can trim these to the size you need, so it's best to contact us first if you wish to use this service. But these are ideal for those of you who require stability first and foremost, with the comfort of an anatomically designed handle.

Secondly we have our Anatomically Handled Adjustable Walking Sticks. This range of sticks feature anatomical handles on shafts that can be adjusted in length to suit the needs of the user. These come in a variety of adjustable mechanisms from twist height adjustments, to incremental adjustments. Ideal for those of you who might need to vary the height as time goes on.

Finally, we have our Anatomically Handled Folding Walking Sticks. As well as having the anatomical handles for added comfort, these sticks have portability first and foremost in mind. Perhaps you only use your stick occasionally, or need to transport it easily in a car, bag, or you like to have an occasional-use stick around the house. Whatever your reason may be, our range of Anatomically Handled Folding Sticks will be ideal for you.

So today we have chosen one of each from these ranges to feature in our blog. But be sure to check out our full ranges by clicking on the links above. Say goodbye to sore and stiff hand and arm muscles with our Anatomical Walking Sticks at the Stick and Cane Shop!

Brown Marbled Effect Anatomical Stick - Right

The Brown Marbled Effect Anatomical Stick for Right Handed Use is a comfortable-to-use extra long cream and brown marbled effect anatomical handled stick with a brown hardwood shaft and fitted with a wide brass collar.

The dimensions of the walking stick are:

Anatomical Marbled Adjustable Stick - Right

This Anatomical Marbled Adjustable Stick for Right Handed Use is an adjustable walking stick with a moulded black marbled acrylic anatomical handle. The intriguing design suits right hands of all sizes and also provides excellent support for the heel of the palm.

The dimensions of the adjustable walking stick are:
  • Length is adjustable from 80cm to 103cm
  • Weight is 410g
  • The stick diameter is 19mm.
  • It is fitted with a RF92 rubber ferrule size with a 19mm internal diameter
  • Check out our full range of Anatomically Handled Adjustable Walking Sticks

Anatomical Right Handed Indigo Dotty Folding Walking Stick

This Anatomical Right Handed Indigo Dotty Folding Walking Stick is a stylish adjustable folding stick with wrist strap. Black plastic anatomical moulded handle fits the contours of your hand for extra comfort. Can be snapped open in seconds into a strong support stick. It folds up easily and can be stored in the plastic wallet provided when not in use.

The dimensions of the adjustable walking stick are:
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