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Acrylic Handled Dress Canes

Acrylic Handled Dress Canes are a beautiful range of canes, perfectly suited for life's special occasions. These sticks use acrylic to great effect by mixing different colours in the resin, providing a marble effect in the handle. Set against a striking black shaft, these elegant acrylic marbled handles look spectacular, whilst also providing a comfortable to hold handle.

Dress Canes with Acrylic Handles in a variety of styles.

Available in an assortment of handle shapes and cane materials, the acrylic handles on these canes have a wonderfully colourful marbled effect. These stunning formal dress canes also make an ideal gift for family, friends and loved ones.

✔ Acrylic Handled Dress Canes - the perfect choice for life's special occasions

If you are looking for a different style of dress cane, why not also check out our ranges of Swarovski Crystal Dress Canes and Silver Plated Dress Canes. We also have a wider range of derby handled walking sticks available too.