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Acrylic Derby Moderne Walking Stick - Amethyst Marbled

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  1. #Description#

    Amethyst Marbled Acrylic Derby Moderne Walking Stick

    A eye-catching cane, perfect for daily use as well as special occasions. The tactile smooth acrylic handle is in the derby moderne style, providing an elegant twist on the traditional derby handle. It is comfortable to hold and lightweight, while providing the user with a sturdy support. The acrylic handle is an gorgeous marbled blend of amethyst purple and black. Mounted on a hardwood shaft, painted black and is fitted with a smart silver gilt metal collar.

    A stylish and sophisticated derby moderne walking stick - perfect for daily use and life's special occasions

    ✓ Elegant Acrylic Handle
    ✓ Lightweight & Sturdy
    ✓ Beautiful Moderne Style

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  2. #More Info# The dimensions of the stick are:
    • Length is 95cm (37 1/2 inches)
    • Width of handle 19mm (~3/4")
    • Weight is 250g (8.8 oz)
    • The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is 19mm (~3/4") and tapers down to 17mm (~5/8") at the ferrule end
    • It is fitted with an RF99 type rubber ferrule size 16mm internal diameter
    The Amethyst Acrylic Derby Moderne Walking Stick is not eligible for VAT relief.
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent quality, photos don't do the beautifhl handle justice.
Shopping Satisfaction
The handle is comfortable to use, pretty, and smooth. The only issue I have with it is that it is a very light cane. I came from using a collapsible metal cane, and I'm finding myself placing it in the wrong place sometimes when walking due to its light weight.
The black is painted wood, not varnish. I expect it to chip off over the coming year or so which might result in needing a new cane sooner.
Kaitlyn F.
Shopping Satisfaction
Lovely stick well balanced an extra wee gift for my good wife for christmas.
Alexander A.
Shopping Satisfaction
Lovely handle, both colouring and shape Can would look nicer if a varnished wood rather than painted black but not really a negative.
Philip C.
Shopping Satisfaction
A wrist strap is the only suggestion I would make.
Margaret V.