Product Rating
5 / 5
The best heavy duty and tall walking cane I found in the UK.
Zeev R. 6/26/2017 at 16h58
5 / 5
I needed something extra stong, and adjustable - this fit the bill precisely! Could do with an extra hole at the top of the stick to keep it compact and stop it slipping, but can't fault it at all! If you're using it as a normal stick and don't need to collapse it really short it'll be perfect!
Rick C. 1/30/2016 at 20h15
5 / 5
Superb quality walking stick. Strong and sturdy. Highly recommended.
E.V. 9/20/2015 at 21h35
5 / 5
Ideal for my husband Whois 6ft 4 and has arthritic hands. The stick is Extra long and extra strong.
Christine A. 6/27/2014 at 16h23