Product Rating
1 / 5
The stick has no proper grip and feels very uncomfortable to handle. When I contacted the supplier the response I got was poor to say the least.
Shabbirali G. 1/9/2016 at 15h36
We're sorry to hear that you weren't satisfied with the service you received. This stick has been very popular with our customers, particularly with those that want a different shape to the other anatomical handles we have available, and many people find this very comfortable to use. When you called we did ask if you wanted a replacement - an offer that still stands if this cane is unused - but you declined. It should be noted that this cane is for right-handed use, and it could be that it is not being gripped in the correct way. We tried to explain this in our telephone conversation and we regret that you were not satisfied with our help.
The Stick & Cane Shop 1/11/2016 at 12h50