Ratings and Reviews for  White Plastic Clip for Folding Sticks

Product Rating
5 / 5
Does what itsays on the tin.
Neil D. 1/16/2020 at 17h06
5 / 5
Does what they are supposed to! Top Quality!
PHILIP B. 10/10/2014 at 11h21
5 / 5
This has proved to be such a sensible and well designed product. Did not know such a thing existed. I no longer have to search in my bag for home made Velcro strap when collapsing stick. Just fold stick and slide it into clip. Bought a few as spares as it is so useful and I would like a back up if I mislay one.
Ann R. 7/13/2014 at 17h52
5 / 5
Does exactly as it says. Keeps cane securely folded.
Hillary H. 6/27/2014 at 21h57