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Expanded range of Brazos Walking Sticks

Since we started stocking Brazos walking sticks around two years ago, they have proven to be very popular with our customers. Our range at the time focused solely on a selection of their handmade hiking staves, in beautiful woods such as Sassafras, Hickory, Ironwood and Sweet Gum. This year we have expanded our Brazos range to include their handcrafted walking sticks and knob sticks too!

Who are Brazos Walking Sticks and where are they made?

Brazos Walking Sticks is a family operated stick making company and located in the beautiful Brazos River Valley of central Texas. They have been producing high-quality, handcrafted walking sticks and canes for the better part of two decades and most of their products are made in workshops located within a few miles of their facilities by skilled local craftsmen who are also their neighbours, family and friends. Their exquisite line of sticks and canes consists of over 600 variations in design ranging from sophisticated elegance to classic rustic. Every item is individually crafted from the finest woods including sassafras, hickory and sweet gum, resulting in a unique one-of-a-kind treasure.

Brazos Hiking Staves

Brazos Hiking Staves at The Stick & Cane Shop

As well as having our customers' favourite Brazos walking sticks back in stock for Christmas 2019, we have also expanded the range we have on offer to include some lovely new handcrafted designs. One particular hiking stave that we just love is the Brazos Leather Safari Exotic Wood Hickory Handcrafted Hiking Stick. This gorgeous hiking stave has a substantial weight to it and it feels strong and solid in your hand. To make the Leather Safari Walking Stick Brazos has taken their venerable Hickory Walking Stick and accented it with a leather handle comprised of 35 layers of vegetable tanned leather sandwiched between rings of the exotic woods brass, padouk, and ebony imported from either Africa or South America. Each piece of hickory is carefully chosen, cut, sanded, and sprayed with a protective, clear coat lacquer. If you are looking for a gift idea for someone who enjoys walking in the great outdoors, this stick makes the perfect choice!

Brazos Walking Sticks

Brazos Walking Sticks at The Stick & Cane Shop

Our 2019 expanded range from Brazos now includes their much sought after traditional walking sticks. We have a range of four to choose from, made from woods such as Oak, Hickory, Sassafras and Aromatic Cedar. These all feature a distinctive twist effect to the shaft and a comfortable derby-esque handle with a metal Brazos branded badge inset into the wood.

Brazos Knob Sticks

Brazos Knob Sticks at The Stick & Cane Shop

A final addition to our new stock from Brazos this year includes three delightful Brazos knob sticks. Like the others, these are all individually handcrafted by talented local craftsmen in Texas, USA. Choose from Oak and Hickory, these are topped by a comfortable knob handle that has been carved in a lathe before being attached to the beautiful rustic shaft with a twisted effect along its length. One particular favourite of ours is the Brazos Twisted Oak Brass Hame Knob Stick. This delightful walking stick features a stunning brass knob handle giving it an exquisite quality. The perfect gift idea for Christmas!

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Why choose a walking stick umbrella?

What is a walking stick umbrella?

Walking stick umbrellas, or umbrella walking sticks, combine the sturdiness and support of a walking stick, with the benefit of an umbrella. They are the perfect 2-in-1 choice.

Why choose a walking stick umbrella?

Walking stick umbrellas are ideal for people who like to have the convenience of an umbrella on hand should it start to rain, but also like to use the shaft as a walking stick for balance & support when walking.

Can I use a normal umbrella as a walking stick?

In short, no. Traditional umbrellas are not designed to be weight-bearing, so they are not recommended for use as a support stick, so the walking stick umbrella provides this support as well as providing a capacious canopy if the heavens should open up when you are out and about!

Where can I buy a Walking Stick Umbrella?

At the
Stick and Cane Shop we have a selection of Walking Stick Umbrellas designed to suit all needs and tastes, available from a range of different manufacturers. Why not visit our full range of umbrella walking sticks now?

The Stick & Cane Shop's Top 3 Walking Stick Umbrellas

3) At Number 3 we have the Tartan Walking Stick Umbrella. This stylish walking stick umbrella has a grey and purple tartan canopy, and features a soft-touch crutch handle. 

Grey Tartan Walking Stick Umbrella

It has a manual opening mechanism providing an umbrella in grey check tartan, fibreglass ribs, metal shaft. Rubber ferrule to tip. Perfect if you need a stick, but want the appearance and usefulness of a functioning umbrella too! Length adjustable from 82 to 91cm

The dimensions of the walking stick are:
  • Easy glide manual opening
  • Fibreglass ribs, metal shaft
  • Soft-feel crutch handle
  • Rubber ferrule to tip
  • Length adjustable from 82 to 91cm

2) Following on from the above, at number 2 we have the M&P Height Adjustable Walking Stick Umbrella. This walking stick umbrella has a classic black canopy and the shaft can be adjusted to provide the perfect length for use as a walking stick.
M&P Height Adjustable Walking Stick Umbrella
This sturdy unisex walking stick umbrella features a high quality construction and a mahogany coloured wooden Derby handle. Height can be adjusted to 87cm, 90cm or 93cm, by adding or removing 2 metal spacers. Easy glide manual opening. Rubber ferrule and black sheath to cover furled umbrella.
  • Manual opening, aluminium/fiberglass frame
  • 8 double fibreglass ribs for strength
  • Mahogany coloured wooden Derby handle
  • Height can be adjusted to 87, 90 or 93cm
  • Rubber ferrule and black sheath to cover furled umbrella
  • Length including handle 87, 90 or 93cm
  • Span when open approx 106cm
  • Weight 650g
1) And at Number 1 we have a walking stick umbrella that is actually 3-in-1 as it provides a comfortable leather seat too! The Walking Stick Umbrella with Leather Seat is the perfect choice for people who enjoy the countryside and outdoors events. 
Walking Stick Umbrella with Leather Seat

It is a practical and stylish seat stick that can convert to an umbrella in moments. The leather seat opens to provide a comfortable perch when required. The handles are trimmed with leather and the stainless steel leg is fitted with a folding ground plate so it can be used on soft ground without sinking. The fibreglass umbrella frame is fitted with a nylon canopy in a tasteful shade of country green.
  • Overall walking length is 96cm (38")
  •  Sitting height is 81cm (32") 
  • Diameter of the umbrella canopy when opened is 91cm (36") 
  • Weight is 965g 
  • Recommended user weight limit is 100kg (approximately 16 stone)

If you like these and would like to see our full range, why not visit the Walking Stick Umbrella section at The Stick & Cane Shop now.

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New Leather Seat Sticks from Classic Canes

We have added two new leather seat sticks to our already large range at The Stick & Cane Shop this week, and we are sure these are going to be popular with our customers, particularly as we head towards Christmas (yes, I know, the C-word has been used already and it's only October!) These quality seat sticks are both made in the UK and feature high quality leather coverings. One is a tripod-style seat stick and the other is an adjustable sling seat stick.

At the Stick and Cane Shop we have a large range of walking stick seats of various styles. These generally come in two varieties: The walking stick seats, which can be opened to provide a temporary seat when necessary; and the Tripod Seat Sticks, which open to provide a 3-legged and more stable seat.

Walking stick seats are specifically are ideal for resting on country pursuits, outdoor events, country events, or picnics. These open up at the top to provide a sling which provides a useful seat when outdoors, while the shaft of the stick can generally be adjusted in height and placed on the ground using the spike. Whether you are looking for a hunter's seat stick for outdoors use or a tripod seat stick for use around the house or in town, we are sure you will find the ideal walking stick seat to suit your needs here.

Tripod Seat Sticks, on the other hand, are perfect for those of you who need a walking stick that also doubles as a stable seat. The stick folds out to provide a stable tripod construction that allows you to sit down securely without having to balance. They also have the advantage of being able to be used indoors, so can come in very handy whether you are at home or if you need a seat when out at the shops!
Seat Sticks are ideal for those of you who 

New Leather Swivel Seat Stick

The NEW Leather Swivel Seat Stick is a traditional leather seat stick, with a twist, made in Britain. Fitted with a leather sling seat and leather-covered handles and leg. A smart leather strap fixes with a brass popper when the seat is in the closed position. Height adjustable so that the walking height can be fixed at intervals between 81 and 99cm, and the sitting height between 66 and 84cm. This seat can swivel through 360 degrees while the shaft remains in place.

The dimensions of the leather swivel seat stick are:
  • Walking height 81cm to 99cm in 4.5cm increments
  • Seat height - adjustable between 66cm and 84cm in 4.5cm increments
  • Weight is 1050g
  • For ferrules to fit, see Black Rubber Ferrule for Seat Sticks (Code: 013716)
New Leather Tripod Seat Stick

The NEW Leather Tripod Seat Stick available at The Stick & Cane Shop, is a traditional tripod seat stick with leather-covered seat and crook handle.  Folds out to form a convenient three legged seat.  Highly polished metal framework and legs fitted with non-slip rubber ferrules (Type B19 rubber ferrule).  A very smart accessory for town or country.  Made in Britain.

The dimensions of the seat stick are:
  • Walking height 89cm
  • Seat height 50cm
  • Weight is 1400g
  • The stick diameter is 19mm
  • For replacement ferrules see B19 Seat Stick Rubber Ferrule - 19mm
So if you like these, why not check out our full range of Walking Stick Seats and Tripod Seat Sticks today at The Stick & Cane Shop!
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Oak Walking Sticks at The Stick & Cane Shop

In our blog this week we thought we would take a closer look at a particular walking stick wood-type, Oak.

Oak is a very sturdy hardwood that, thanks to its density and hardwearing properties, has been the wood of choice by craftsmen for centuries. It also provides an excellent raw-material for walking sticks that not only provide the user with a trusty walking companion that lasts a lifetime, but also has a beautiful aesthetic thanks to its gorgeous grain.

At the Stick & Cane Shop we have selected two very different Oak walking sticks to feature in our blog this week. One has a very natural rustic charm while the other has been worked and varnished so that the natural grain can be seen. They both offer the same benefits of trustworthiness and stability as walking sticks, while highlighting the variety of craftsmanship that goes into the making of these sticks. 

Natural Oak Crook Walking Stick - Peeled

The Natural peeled oak crook handled walking stick is full of rustic charm. The raw oak material has been peeled of bark, and steamed to allow the crook handle to be fashioned. This has then been allowed to dry, letting the wood solidify into its final shape. This method of stickmaking provides a stick with a traditional rustic charm that stays true to the original branch of wood from which the stick was made, allowing the natural grain and wood knots to provide each stick with its own unique character.

The dimensions of the walking stick are:
~ Length is 92cm
~ Weight is 448g
~ The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is approx 30mm and tapers down to 22mm at the ferrule end
~ It is fitted with an "RFA22" type rubber ferrule size 22mm internal diameter

Holm Oak Derby Walking Stick

New to The Stick & Cane Shop is this modern Derby Cane Made From Holm Oak. Holm oak is also known as 'holly oak', and its botanical name, Quercus ilex, refers to its similarity to holly, which is in the Ilex genus. This hardwood cane features a beautiful grain, which is shown off beautifully in this Holm Oak Derby Cane. This cane features a modern take on the traditional derby handle, providing a comfortable grip. The oak handle and shaft are joined at the neck of this stick by a delightful yet understated golden gilt collar. A beautifully crafted stick that is suitable for every day use, or as a dress-cane for special occasions!

The dimensions of the walking stick are:
~ Length is 96cm
~ Weight is 360g
~ The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is 22mm and tapers down to 18mm at the ferrule end
~ It is fitted with an "RFC19" type rubber ferrule size 19mm internal diameter
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Celebrating 10 Years with a Fresh Design at The Stick & Cane Shop

Celebrating 10 Years of The Stick & Cane Shop

This year marks our tenth birthday at The Stick & Cane Shop and to celebrate our birthday we have redesigned our website! The fresh look brings some new and exciting features making it easier for you to navigate, find the products that suit your needs best as well as offering much more advice and suggestions.

A Clearer Main Page

The main page that you visit has had a full re-design from top to bottom. Still featuring the same natural colours as before, we have cleared it up to include more white space so that there is less 'visual clutter' making it easier for you to browse and find the products you need.

The top of the screen contains most of the main areas you need when you visit, with quick links to log into your account, contact customer service and find our social media channels. The main menu bar, as before, is your main route into all of our products too. Below this we feature our beautiful carousel which is updated constantly to feature the main stock, brands and seasonal information. Below this we also have direct links to our main brands, helping you to find the names you know and love. Further down we have selected products that change from week-to-week and month-to-month featuring highlights that we think you will love.

We also now have a new area on the front page that provides you with frequently asked, essential information and tips such as:
  • Which handle is for you? 
  • How to Measure for a Walking Stick?
  • How to Fit a Wrist Cord
  • How to Adjust a Folding or Extending Cane

A Refreshed Main Menu

We have updated and simplified the main menu to make it easier to navigate our site. Using beautiful fresh graphics, the menu features clear images for each category, providing a simplified view of the different sticks available. 

Refreshed Main Menu at The Stick & Cane Shop

Updated Stick & Cane Shop Product PagesUpdated Product Pages with Clearer Images

We appreciate that with such personal things as walking sticks, it can be difficult to choose simply from browsing online, so we have enhanced the product pages too. Each product now has a delightful new page featuring the same clearer design, which we hope makes it easier for our customers to browse. We are refreshing all our images this year, so each product will now feature new images that show each product from a variety of angles. The images will also feature larger zoom images, allowing you to magnify the product to see all the details of our lovely sticks and canes. 

Product descriptions are also in the process of being enhanced, providing our customers with more detail and clearer information about each product. Over the coming months we will also be revising the measurements to provide more detail, including imperial as well as metric measurements.

Each product also has a handy tab with customer reviews, so you can see what other customers have been saying about each product before you choose to buy!

We have also included clear graphics that link to our VAT reduction scheme, How to Measure for a Stick, Delivery Options, Our Returns Policy and the Enhanced Security of our website.

Our product pages also display other related items that we think would go along well with the product you are viewing.

So all in all, we hope you enjoy the new look Stick & Cane Shop website, and whether you are an existing customer who has been with us for the past decade, or a new customer just finding us, please stop by, browse our pages and we hope to serve you soon!

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Gift Ideas for Father's Day on 17th June

It's Father's Day on the 17th of June and no doubt many of us will be wondering what present to get for that special father figure in our lives. This year why not give him a gift that you know will be used and one that will last a lifetime?

A walking stick can be a very personal item, so with this in mind we have a wide range of sticks available to suit most needs and tastes. Whether your father needs a stick for everyday orthopaedic use, an occasional stick for dressier occasions, or perhaps your dad is an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys long walks in the British countryside, we are sure to have the ideal gift for you at The Stick & Cane Shop.

Our selection of sticks in this gift guide covers a range of uses to suit a variety of budgets, but if you do not find the ideal gift here, you can see our full catalogue of sticks and canes by using the menu bar at the top of this page.

We hope these suggestions help, but if you do have any further questions, please let us know at the bottom of this page, or you can always contact us directly.

Classical Silver Plate Cap Walking Stick

Ideal for the sophisticated gentleman around town, the Classical Silver Plate Cap Walking Stick is a wonderful example of the classic British formal cane. Whether it is used for weddings, formal occasions, or a night out at the theatre, this is a gift that can be used all-year-round and will be a talking point no matter what the event. The flat top cap is silver plated and it is mounted on a black hardwood shaft.

The dimensions of the walking stick are:
  • Length is 92cm
  • Weight is 365g
  • The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is 22mm and tapers down to 19mm at the ferrule end
  • It is fitted with a rubber ferrule

Gents Birch Derby Walking Stick - Extra Wide Handle

This Gentlemen's Birch Derby Walking Stick is a beautiful cane featuring an extra-wide birch derby handle. This would make a beautiful gift for Father's Day and is ideal for men who need a day-to-day walking stick that looks great too. The birch derby handle is utterly exquisite, with a highly detailed wood-grain. This delightful birch handle is mounted on a cherry-stained hardwood shaft, which complements the handle beautifully. The addition of a neat brass collar gives this stick an elegant appearance. Rubber ferrule tip attached.

The dimensions of the walking stick are:
  • Length is 97cm
  • Weight is 370g
  • The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is 21mm and tapers down to 20mm at the ferrule end
  • It is fitted with an "RFD19" type rubber ferrule size 19mm internal diameter

Brazos Twisted Sweet Gum Handcrafted Hiking Stick

If your father enjoys long outdoor walks in the British countryside, then we are sure the would love the Twisted Sweet Gum Hiking Stick for its strength, versatility, and beauty. Handmade in Texas this best-selling walking stick, is lightweight with a beautiful spiral-cut pattern along the shaft. This distinctive hardwood, with its darkish bark and grain, is an ideal walking aid for trekking through both neighbourhoods and wooded trails.  The finished staff is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted walking stick that is both sturdy and attractive.

The dimensions of the walking stick are:
  • Length is approximately 140cm
  • Weight is 620g
  • It is fitted with a heavy duty rubber ferrule

Folding Trekking Pole - Red

Another fantastic gift idea for the dad that enjoys the outdoors is the Folding Trekking Pole, here in Red, but is also available in Black and Moorland Grey. These poles help to reduce the load borne by the walker's legs. A single pole used in the manner of a traditional walking stick gives support and balance on easy terrain, while a pair of poles is recommended for more difficult walks. Folding, lightweight and telescopic. With clear plastic pouch. Upright handle, wrist strap.

The dimensions of the adjustable trekking pole are:
  • Length is adjustable from 115cm to 125cm
  • Length when folded is 42cm
  • Weight is 511g
  • The stick diameter is 19mm
  • It is fitted with a RFD10 hiking pole ferrule size with a 10mm internal diameter
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