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Discovering Britain - A new resource for country and urban walks

As many of our customers love walking in the country, we thought we would highlight a superb new website available with some fantastic free resources. The Discovering Britain website, run by the British Geographical Society provides an exciting series of geographically-themed walks that aim to bring the stories of our country alive, helping to inspire everyone to explore and learn more about Britain. We truly have a rich variety of lansdscapes in Britain, from the mountains and glens of Scotland and rolling downs of Southern England, to the rocky outcrops of the Cornish coast to the flat fens of East Anglia, our landscape has a story to tell about our past and present. So the RGS have seized upon their wealth of geographical knowledge to provide us with a free to use site that has a wonderful series of walks available for us to follow. 

The Discovering Britain Website by the Royal Geographical Society

Whether you are an experienced walker, or simply want to learn more about your local city, the walks on Discovering Britain are designed to be fun, informative and inspiring. They certainly engage the brain as well as the feet! Each route is carefully chosen to tell a story about the landscape. Some walks offer an alternative perspective on well-known places; others take you off the beaten track to somewhere you’ve probably never been before. Prepare to discover something new, to be surprised by what’s right on your own doorstep.

The walks take between two to three hours on the whole. The urban walks are usually no more than 2 miles long, and those in the country or on the coast are usually between 2 and 8 miles long. So why not grab your outdoor cane, bring along the family and friends and investigate which walks are near you.

They have a handy map on the site, divided by regions, so that you can investigate the variety of walks available near you. There are downloadable resources available for each walk, and audio versions of the walks available too. The site is in its early stages, so more walks are due to appear in the near future. We think it's a wonderful resource that is just going to get better as more walks appear on the site.

Let us know what your thoughts are. Have you done any of the walks suggested on Discovering Britain? Do you plan to soon? Be sure to share your photos with us if you do!
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Brilliant resource. Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: Robert Tanley - 3 Feb 2014 3:50

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